Last week, Ford announced that they’re planning to add the ability to use Twitter through your Microsoft Sync-enabled vehicle. Yikes. I don’t want to tweet from my car, and it sounds like one more way of multitasking that isn’t just distracting, but dangerous.

I like the general idea behind Sync, by the way; distracting or not, Ford’s partnership with Microsoft to extend data services to your vehicle has some good applications, and by going beyond the almost-entirely-safety-related abilities in OnStar Sync gives us some real choice.

But Twitter?

Here’s the idea: assume that whether or not it’s safe—or legal—people are going to Tweet, text, and whatever else from their cars. Now try to make it safer; if you can dictate what you’re saying and never take your eyes off the road, that’s better.

Great so far. But as anyone who’s ever used dictation software knows, it isn’t easy to get exactly what you want to say in order when “in order” is the way you have to say it. Fred Wilson, a well-respected venture capitalist and angel investor with whom I often disagree, says it well in this blog post. And the people who are commenting seem to agree.

Now imagine taking the problems inherent to dictation and trying to jam a coherent thought into 140 characters.

Thanks, Ford. I knew there was a reason I keep buying foreign cars.

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