I can think for myself. So can you. While a lot of what I write here has the potential to be inflammatory in one way or another and while nothing’s off limits, I don’t spend a lot of time being purely political.

Yes, I’ve commented on health care reform, and Barack Obama’s non-connection to ACORN. But there’s always context; health care reform is a business change that I believe everyone in the United States needs badly, and my comments on ACORN and President Obama’s connection to Hookergate was really about the idea of what business change is: I said then and I repeat now that those ACORN community organizers teaching the undercover filmmakers about how to run a successful prostitution business were nevertheless teaching someone how to be in business.

I wish Sarah Palin would go away.

It’s been all but impossible to miss the pundits and comedians commenting on Ms. Palin reading her speech to the National Tea Party Convention off her palm. Her performance in the post-speech interview was pretty funny, even if you’re a staunch Palin supporter. But ignore it I did, until I read Albert Brooks’ piece in the Huffington Post.

Albert Brooks has done a couple of my favorite movies of all time. If you’ve never seen Defending Your Life, do it this weekend. But his takes on the whole writing-on-your-hand-is-somehow-not-the-same-as-using-a-teleprompter issue that Sarah Palin opened up this week is my new favorite among Mr. Brooks’ works.

Truly, it’s starting to feel like Barack Obama is being punked. Ashton Kutcher, are you there?

Forget your political “leanings”. In fact, other than businesses’ new right to contribute as much money as they wish to political causes, politics and business belong as far apart as you can keep them. But that means keeping an open mind all the time. You never know when something that was unthinkable yesterday will become today’s business change gospel.

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