Last July, as the Health Care Reform rhetoric began flying fast and furious, I pointed out that all the naysayers (at the time, almost exclusively partisan Republican naysayers) were talking smack in spite of not yet having seen a real plan from President Barack Obama.

The biggest business change in the history of the United States is now upon us, and while it isn’t enough, it’s real.

I’m ultimately non-partisan. I’m still a fan of Barack Obama’s, but I’m disappointed in both the results he’s achieved in this round of health care reform and his performance in general. President Obama’s been called “Bush II” (more accurately, III), and I’m sorry to acknowledge that absent the bumbling, cringe-inducing persona I understand the comparison. That said . . . the about-to-become-law health care bill, though not really good enough, is a good start.

And that’s what business change is. I’ll repeat the words that matter to this point “this round of health care reform”.

What makes me sad is that what’s being addressed here feels more like problem acknowledgment than solution finding or crafting. Yes, you have to start with being frank and open with yourself, so it’s a start. But once you identify a problem, you’ve done little of any real value unless you move on to creating a solution.

Your business is not as complicated as the US Congress, if only because your board of directors doesn’t have 535 members. Make your business changes count. Start by realizing that the purpose of business change is to find solutions.

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