Jason Calacanis, currently the CEO of Mahalo and a guy with a long track record of creating stuff in the tech world that sells for a bundle of money, isn’t known for being all warm and fuzzy. Or even a particularly nice guy.

OK . . . not direct enough. From all indications, Jason Calacanis is a bit of a jerk.

This week, he managed to outdo himself, responding to a politely-worded resignation letter from one of Mahalo’s employees in a way that can only be called “nasty”.

I don’t know whether to be more floored by his attitude there, or by his show of ego in delivering the Jason Calacanis manifesto on “the right way to resign”. I am amused, though, that Calacanis believes that his personal experience deserves prominent placement in a set of guidelines that everyone else should follow.

Here’s the takeaway: Human Resources is a business process, and needs to be handled as such.

If Jason Calacanis gets the company he runs sued because he allowed his personal “anguish” to infiltrate his duties as CEO of a company that employs several dozen people, he’ll have a problem on his hands. But it’s a problem that could have been avoided simply by understanding that business is . . . business. People come. People leave. It’s not personal until you make it personal, and from what I’ve linked above you can see that Calacanis is the person who did that here.

I don’t much care about Jason Calacanis or his reputation, and he’s got enough people kissing his feet that this won’t really hurt him. But I do care about you; please . . . remember that business isn’t personal. It will keep your business running well, and keep you happier, too.

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