With the weekend upon us, I want to thank Google for getting things off on the right foot. Yes, today our topic is business change as it applies to . . . Cougars.

I don’t mean the medium-sized wildcat kind of cougar. Google has no issue with those. I’m talking about the kind that walks on two high-heeled legs, wears expensive designer clothing, and likes what she likes.

Google has rejected advertising for the Cougarlife.com web site. Their explanation is that they don’t carry ads that aren’t family friendly, and that Cougarlife’s ads cross the line. But there’s a clear conflict between Google’s statement and their practices.

The question is . . . why? Follow this link and you’ll get a run-down of the story complete with video examples illustrating the issue . . . and I just don’t get it. Is Google in the business of policing obscenity? Have they decided that society needs censoring? And if so, why are they being selective about it?

Maybe Google’s become so important in their own minds that the misuse of the word “Cougar” offends them; remember that in context cougar has traditionally referred to middle-aged or older women who “prey” on younger men. Cougarlife was founded by a very young woman and has bent the cougar definition a bit.

Or maybe, with the exception of über-Googler Marissa Mayer, everyone at Google aspires to be a sugar daddy and their sensibilities are offended. Or maybe Ms. Mayer herself had an issue with the idea!

I’d have thought that even at the hugest of companies—and Google certainly qualifies there—by now business change that recognizes sexual equality . . . at least this kind of sexual equality . . . would be a given.

Now if only I was young enough to be a target for the ladies of Cougarlife . . .

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