I Hate Facebook. Oh, I use it,  but I hate it. For me, Facebook is as good an example of how to do absolutely everything the wrong way as you’re ever likely to see.

And now it’s getting worse.

This week, Facebook started experimenting with a new way to present your news feed. Forget the fact that Facebook’s Patent on The News Feed is Ridiculous; the idea itself makes me feel as though I’m missing information, not getting it.

At least I can turn off the news feed and get a chronological information dump of what my friends are up to if that’s what I want . . . right?

Maybe not for much longer. Facebook has started changing your options in this regard. So far it’s just an experiment, but some Facebook users have lost the chronological option. If you’re in the group of people Facebook selects for this little test, your new options become, essentially, Newsfeed One or Newsfeed Two.

Social Networking is supposed to be about YOU AND THE PEOPLE YOU CHOOSE TO BE NETWORKED WITH BEING SOCIAL, isn’t it? Why in the world would you want Facebook to tell you what was important to you and your friends and not have a way to take back control?

And YIKES! Imagine you use a social networking site for business purposes. Just what I want: Facebook dictating the way I manage my business change.

There’s no moral to this story; you have it all, already. And if their history is any prediction of how they’d respond you don’t need to bother telling Facebook how bad an idea this is (although they are claiming they care; weigh in here).

By the way: The Answer Guy is in the process of developing a social networking alternative that . . . I’m not kidding . . . will fix many of the problems at Facebook. I can’t reveal details just yet, but if you drop me a line I’ll make sure you hear about them before anyone else.

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