Social Networking: The topic that just won’t go away.

No, really: social networking really isn’t going away any time soon and you need to figure out your plan for social media, social networking, and how they impact your business change. Yes, I’ve said that before. I’ll be saying it again, too.

A few days ago, one of the writers at TechCrunch wrote a piece that made me think about social networking in a whole new way: all the tweeting, all the Facebook updates, and whatever else you do to scream “look at me!” is a matter of something a bit . . . scary: all we’re doing is trying to eat everyone around us.

I’M more important than YOU are. MY words are worth hearing. GET OVER HERE AND LISTEN TO ME.

And then I’ll eat you. Or at least own you.

What’s strangest about this dance is that social networking is being done in the name of better communication, while what it’s actually creating is communication that’s worse. MORE, but worse. We’re not saying anything worth listening to.

I mentioned a couple of weeks ago that I’m part of a team that’s creating a new social networking platform. It’s going to be unveiled very soon, and it’s different. Seriously. It isn’t “more”. It isn’t “special”. It’s respectful and focused. And if you join you’ll be happy you’re there.

Which is what being social is supposed to be about, right? Nobody really likes big parties where there’s so much background chatter you can’t even hear the person you’ve chosen to spend time with and are standing next to speak, right?

That’s how Twitter feels. Facebook, too.

The Guy Sure Looks Like Plant Food To Me. Feed Me Seymour!

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