The city of Philadelphia, starved for new sources of revenue like everyone else, has become aggressive about collecting business license fees. So much so that Philadelphia is going after bloggers with revenue, no matter how little that revenue may be.

I could make this complicated, but let’s go the other way:

While it might be technically correct that when you manage to scrape together a few dollars in revenue you are “operating a business”, and while many people wish to make a living as bloggers (and some make very nice livings, indeed), this isn’t the same as being “in business” or being a business.

In fact, I commented on this once before. Want a simple test of who is in business? If you ARE a business, then you are IN business.

Shame on the city of Philadelphia. But Philadelphia is a government, not a person; it shouldn’t surprise us when this kind of thing happens, because nobody is in charge, really. Except . . . wait . . . perhaps the mayor of Philadelphia could step forward and stop this ridiculous practice?

Business change is complicated. But sometimes it can be simplified by making a couple of smart decisions. Be smarter than Philadelphia: do business like a business, take responsibility for the choices you make, and move forward from there.

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