Do you know how I keep you up on business change? I read a lot. And when I saw this piece in The Huffington Post, I got to thinking:

Social Networking is broken.

OK, so it wasn’t the first time I though that about social networking. But it was enough to get me to comment on the issue, and to decide it’s time to invite you to participate in The Facelift of Social Networking.

Social Networks ultimately fail their users for one simple reason; Artificial Intelligence simply can’t make up for human curation under the circumstances that apply.

Oh sure, A.I. can do amazing things, but sooner or later it has no choice but make decisions based on statistical accuracy—an oxymoron if ever there was one.

This is the reason that existing social networks can’t possibly work to the benefit of all their members. Even if the “correct” decision is made 99% of the time by the software backing the system, that leaves 1% of the “network” feeling very much left out. Feeling as though they’ve been failed. Because they have. And that’s not OK when “people” are being “social”. It’s like being at a party and realizing that nobody is talking to you, not because there’s anything wrong with you or the other people there, but because the host has built a house that’s crammed you into a corner you can’t find your way out of.

So now I’m announcing a new form of social network. Readers of this post are invited to visit and sign up for a beta account.

We really weren’t planning to release or start talking about this just yet;  so far there’s very little happening at TheFacelift, but that’s by design. There will be plenty, soon.

This will be, truly, The Facelift of Social Networking. And wow, does Social Networking need one.

By the way: Ignore the “Forty and Over” label. You’ll have to just trust me on that one. Just as you can trust that we won’t sell, rent, or give away your data, period, and will ALWAYS allow you to control every bit of how it gets used.

See you there.

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