Yesterday, I fell all over myself complimenting Julien Smith. As I told you then, Julien’s come up with a diet plan that—almost whether it works or not—should make him your personal guru. As I told you then, Julien Smith Rocks.

I promised yesterday to apply what I’ve coined “The Julien Smith Model” to Business Change, Customer Service, and Search Engine Optimization.  We’re your experts in all three here at Answer Guy Central, but as Search Engine Optimization has become pretty much the hottest topic in all of cyberspace, we’ll be leading off with a discussion of how The Julien Smith Model applies to SEO.

Let’s start by repeating the steps in The Julien Smith Model:

  • Cut the pollutants
  • Be consistent
  • Break up that consistency (monotony)—not for the sake of breaking it but because that’s how you shock your body into alertness
  • Keep looking for new information, because he who has the best information wins

In dieting, Julien’s pollutants are sugar and flour. In Search Engine Optimization, it’s almost as simple: the pollutants are talking about extraneous things. So, for example, up to HERE this post is 190 words long and in that span I’ve used the phrase “Search Engine Optimization” or “SEO” four times, and I’ve mentioned “Julien Smith” five times, plus said “Julien” twice more. If I cared about high ranking for Search Engine Optimization that would be pretty good. And If I care about ranking high for Julien Smith’s name it would rock. This entire post is about 500 words long, so that value will get diluted. Then again, Google prefers 500-word posts to 200 words, so maybe not. 😉

By the Way:  in less than one day, Answer Guy Central has become Google’s #1 result for the phrase “Julien Smith Rocks”. That‘s Search Engine Optimization, and part of SEO is cutting the pollutants.

The application of “be consistent” in SEO is simple: keep writing. Do it on a regular schedule, with more often being better. Google watches pretty much everything, and your results will improve if you post information on a predictable schedule.

In Search Engine Optimization breaking up that consistency is simple, as well: try out different SEO techniques to see what works. The whole “Julien Smith Rocks” thing was by design, and it was fun to write a piece that would score highly for a phrase, but in the SEO routine-breaker is where I do things other than write, like takes steps to make sure the things I’ve written get attention.

By the way, I could explain the importance of this in detail, but I already have: read this white paper on SEO Consulting and Search Engine Optimization

As for that “keep looking for new information” part, well, Search Engine Optimization is constantly changing. If you try your hand at SEO you’ll need to keep up with what’s Changing at Google. Some things work better than others, and by next week the balance of power in SEO and effective Search Engine Optimization may well have changed.

See? Julien Smith, intending to be or not, is an SEO expert. Or at least he could be. And so can you, but if you want help, let the Answer Guy handle your Search Engine Optimization.

You knew I would plug our SEO Consulting Services, right?

The Julien Smith Model . . . your new best friend.

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