You know those drunk posts you left all over Twitter and Facebook last night? What if that never happened?

A new iPhone App is based on exactly that idea. Last Night Never Happened claims to be essentially a “morning after pill” for social networking mistakes you wish you could take back.

It isn’t.

Actually, before I come down too hard on Last Night Never Happened or the very idea of a social networking morning after pill, let me say that for most people, in many situations, Last Night Never Happened will do what it says it will in practical terms. Since 71% of everything you post on social networks is literally never seen by anyone, there’s a pretty good chance that as long as you aren’t a famous person the act of erasing your social networking tracks a few hours or even a few days later could have the effect of nobody ever seeing them.

But that isn’t the same as erasing your tracks. Please, please don’t believe that Last Night Ever Happened or any other tool can do that for you. Once you put something on the Internet, even for a few minutes, you have to believe that it’s “out there”, and will stay out there forever.

Wow. That was quick and short. I’ll leave you with this: if you have privacy concerns or need to create a privacy policy for your company, Contact The Answer Guy.

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