Julien Smith Rocks. I’ve said it before: The writing partner of how-come-he-gets-all-the-credit Chris Brogan has a knack for telling a story in just the right way, and somehow this just-31-years-old Trust Agent has done it for me. Again.

Read This (not completely safe for work) Piece. Julien Smith just plain makes sense, and although I maintain that swearing in print just isn’t necessary, nor a good long-term big-picture choice, there’s an important message here. It’s one I could do well to follow, and today being my birthday, I’ve decided to gift myself—and you—the opportunity to think about Julien’s words:

Sometimes, You Just Shouldn’t Give a *&#$*!

This isn’t an excuse to be rude, by the way. There are rules that we all need to follow, and neither Julien nor I are suggesting that you should simply go all hard-core about everything or stop paying attention to what other people think. But you can must learn to disregard the noise that starts running through  your head when you spend too much time listening to the noise that originated in everyone else’s.

So Julien Smith, thank you. And a Happy Birthday to me. I’m still listening, but I’ve decided that I’m going to listen just a little bit less. And you may see me as a trust agent when I tell you that it’s OK if you start doing the same.

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