For just the second time, we’re going to talk about chess.

More specifically, for a second time we’re talking about former chess grandmaster Gary Kasparov, widely considered one of the best chess players ever, and presumably, therefore, a very smart dude.

Most specifically, we’re going to talk, for a second time, about what’s become a Gary Kasparov-related theme:

Trust Your Instincts

Last year, Kasparov, a guy long considered to be what amounts to a human computer, came out and said that being the best compute-er is useful, but only up to the point where trusting your instincts works better.

Now, a study of Kasparov concludes that he’s right.

While I don’t talk chess very often, I tell you to trust your instincts, regularly. I’ve even told Guns N’ Roses front man Axl Rose that trusting his instincts might have saved his career.

That’s today’s business change tidbit. It’s short, because it’s simple:

Trust Your Instincts.

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