Five times a week, give or take, I write a few hundred words here. The theme of the story is almost always business change, or search engine optimization, or customer service, because those are the things I know, the things I consult on, and the things I can use to keep the phone ringing and our Contact Form humming.

Today, I have the biggest “change of business” (and business changing) story I’ve ever written for you. It comes courtesy of The New York Times, and it’s … well, as I said, the biggest “change” I’ve ever heard of. It speaks to the kinds of things I say to my coaching clients every day, trying to stay on the sane side of the self-help guru equation.

Here’s that amazing business change story. I’ll sum it up in one sentence:

A New York State Employee Just Spent Almost A Year As Prime Minister of His Native Somalia

He spent that time pushing for business change. Because when things get stuck in a business-as-usual loop, bad things happen.

I bring up this story not merely because it’s about business change, effecting business change, or because it illustrates what one man can do when presented with the right opportunities and having the right motivation. I tell you this story (and again, I don’t want to get too close to “The Anthony Robbins Line“) because it’s the clearest illustration I’ve ever seen that the only “rules” are the ones you make.

You can be a Lasek Eye Surgeon branching out into Prostitution The Escort Business. You can be a Rock Star Selling Bespoke Content as a Loss Leader. You might even be a software company going head to head with Google in Advertising. But whatever choices you make, they’re your choices.

Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

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