If you’ve been looking for an excuse to consume a liquid lunch, you needn’t look any further than fruit flies. New research on the little pests confirms something that scientific findings have shown many times: in moderation, alcohol is good for you.

When Steve Jobs and Apple told us to “think different” all those years ago, I guess they were on to something.

As a guy who spends a lot of time thinking about new ways to do things (business change, people, business change …) I’m even less surprised by this than I might be otherwise. I’m not recommending that you go on benders like the ones that all too many of us partook in when we were young, but I am telling you that shaking things up—say, like the way you shake up your body by taking in a few ounces of alcoholic refreshment every now and again—is a good thing. Change isn’t bad, it’s just uncomfortable. In fact, let’s be honest; change, especially business change, is good.

Change creates growth.

Looking to grow your business? take a tip from fruit flies (and even from Apple; I’ve consulted for them in the past on change issues), and contact me here.

Or just keep on doing the same old things you’ve always done.

Happy “Leap Day”. And … bzzzzzzz!


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