Moral Foundations, Arianna Huffington, and Capitalism

Do you think that when Arianna Huffington re-tweeted those words, she noticed that chivalry had been made into something vial?

I suspect not.

I also suspect that for most of us, morals—if not absolutely rigid—are well enough defined that we don’t need to think about the moral implications of the things we do from moment to moment, day to day.

Today is my youngest son’s high school graduation. If you’re anything like me it’s occasions like that when you think the most about life’s progressions and how both you and others might interpret the values and morals you display.

Arianna Huffington, in retweeting what I’m sure was a misspelling, had her heart in the right place. Capitalism won’t survive without a moral foundation; it can’t. But that moral foundation is somehow . . . always . . . a moving target. I mean, even socialism and capitalism mix pretty well, if you let them.

The more I watch Arianna Huffington try to steer the media arm of AOL, the more I believe she’s trying to work from the moral high ground, despite messes like this one. To her credit, Arianna Huffington does seem to be learning a thing or three about journalism and the unusual flavor of moral integrity that accompanies it, as she goes.

I’m not so sure we can say the same thing about Ms. Huffington’s boss Tim Armstrong, but maybe that doesn’t matter. Tim Armstrong is a salesperson, and Arianna Huffington is . . . something different. So as long as Arianna stays true to that moral voice deep inside her, maybe things will work out.

Chivary doesn’t have to be dead, not even in a global, social media and Search Engine Optimization driven business world.

I’m off to be a beaming father. Congratulations, Jason Yablon. Business Change is in the works for everyone, and I can’t wait to see what’s next for you.

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