Smart Phone, Dumb Feature

I hate that all my Facebook friends are in my phone.

Or I would, if they were. That said, since I’m not just The Answer Guy, but The Computer Answer Guy, I’ve made sure that my Facebook contacts, LinkedIn connections, and the like haven’t been translated into address book entries in my SmartPhone.

The person you see tweeting above hasn’t been so lucky. As she points out, technology has taken over her SmartPhone in a way that she doesn’t care for. #idontknowyou, indeed.

If you’re like most people, this has happened to you, too, and it has less to do with issues like older people having trouble figuring out their SmartPhones than it does the simple reality that most of us don’t know how these devices—or the social networking sites they tie us to—work. Our devices have taken a place of Influency* in our lives that changes everything, including a bunch of things that didn’t need, and are even hurt by the changes.

In large part, that means our SmartPhones are nothing of the sort; for many people, SmartPhones are actually DumbPhones.

As we prepare for the re-launch of Answer Guy Central as your Influency source, we’ve been quiet here; this is the first post I’ve written in almost three weeks. I’ve missed being here, and if you have too, please accept my apology . . . and assurance that it will be worth the wait to see what’s next.

And if you just can’t wait, contact me here. I’ll share . . .

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