Seth Godin Action Figure: Google is Making the Web Stupid        The WordPress Helpers
Seth Godin may tower over Will, The WordPress Helper, but the two action figures are kindred spirits (albeit with Will having matching socks, even if you can’t see them).

would you rather listen?

This week Seth was an unwitting commenter on The WordPress Helpers’ piece The WordPress No-Parking Zone. At Answer Guy Central, we invoke Seth’s work by asking, as he does, Is Google Making the Web Stupid?

Seth’s words have inspired us here before. Most notably as relates to the question of making the web stupid we mentioned Seth’s work on tribal evangelizing, and couldn’t resist pointing out the power of Search Engine Optimization when Seth Godin found Osama Bin Laden.

But the combination of social media and the realities that go into Google’s position as the world’s leading advertising agency have twisted the conversation and taken its meaning to a whole new level. Google indeed is making the web stupid, and it feels more and more like there’s nothing anyone can do about it.

And there isn’t, except, of course, finding your tribe, bringing us back to the wisdom of Seth Godin. Seth pretty much coined the idea of the online tribe, way back in … well,not really all that long ago.

You’re working on it, right? Need help?

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