Liking Donald Trump
Is liking Donald Trump possible?

would you rather listen?

Silly question, right? Whether you’re one of them or not, it seems that many, many people like Donald Trump; liking Donald Trump is totally possible.

Or at least it’s possible to be moved by Donald Trump to the point that you’d vote for him in a presidential election, or a primary or caucus.

For the record, I don’t like Donald Trump. But there’s a piece of me that wants to. It’s the only-barely-rational part of me that likes Trump’s business history and believes that he could use the same skill set to help bring about sorely-need and long-overdue financial changes here in the US of A. But I mostly ignore that part of me; liking Donald Trump isn’t really something I can bring myself to do; the man scares me, and as a Jewish man I can’t help but be reminded of Adolph Hitler when Trump says things like “bar all Muslims …”. Donald Trump terrifies me, and since this is my platform I’ll say it: Donald Trump should terrify you, too.

And then, he says this, and I have a moment of liking Donald Trump again:

But just a moment. I know he was not being serious, you know he wasn’t, and in a later interview Mr. Trump called out Wolf Blitzer on exactly that point: nobody thought that Donald Trump really believed he could shoot someone and not lose any supporters. But Donald Trump is still scary when considered as a potential President of The United States.

Liking Donald Trump

The beauty of Trump is that he’s a pure marketing machine. Mr. Trump is planning on skipping tonight’s Republican Debate, and that has nothing to do with politics, nor really does it have very much to do with his recent fued with FoxNews. Donald trump sees a marketing opening, pure and simple.

Is liking Donald Trump possible in that POTUS context? If you give the matter any thought at all, it’s difficult to answer “yes”. But this isn’t a political website; we talk content, marketing and business process here, and Donald Trump is one of the greatest marketers in the world. Trump isn’t on the same same level as Steve Jobs was, but he’s close. And if you’re a businessperson that’s worthy, at least for a moment, of liking Donald Trump.

I sure am glad The Donald isn’t packing, though.

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