Influency: The Holy Grail of Integrated Marketing

Influency: The Holy Grail of Integrated Marketing

Getting Your Marketing Efforts from Invisible to Invincible

It All Started With a Simple Idea

In fact, it always does. Making things work, as everything changing around you, seems complicated—and you can make it that way—but you never really create business change until you break that change down into simple pieces. Then, you have to make those pieces make sense.

And We’ve Got It Broken Down. And You Can Make Influency Happen.

Influency is a word we thought we’d invented. And as we built the 2013/Influency version of Answer Guy Central we realized that we had created an idea—but the word has been around for a while. That’s OK; it gives us more talking points to show you how you can make Influency work, for you.For example, I told you that when we started trying to get Google to see Answer Guy Central as “the source for Influency”, we’d struggled to get out of the sixties for ranking, and then all of a sudden jumped into the twenties

And some more time has passed, and now, as I write this passage, we’re up around number eight. Because Search Engine Optimization works. But SEO is only one part of the Influency Equation. You can read about the other parts, here.

To Go On, Or To Stop Right Here?

This page is what we call “a landing page”. This page’s job is to sell you something. The question is, do we go for a hard sell here (“Buy Our Stuff, Right Now, Because We Have A Special Offer You’ll Never See Again!!!”), or do we keep selling, softly?

The answer is neither, and both.

So Here’s What’s Known As The Call To Action

The next thing you do is up to you.  You can leave, of course, and if you do, shame on us for not getting your attention, and shame on you for not seeing that we’re onto something.Or, you can do one of a few other things:

  • You Can Read It’s the completely self-guided version of learning about Influency, Integrated Marketing, and the Business Changes you need to undertake to get found. Click around here, and see what you can glean. You’ll enjoy it, we hope, but sooner or later you’ll want to act.
  • You Can Contact Us, Right Now by telephone, e-mail, on social media, or wherever is comfortable for you The easiest way to find all of those options is here on our contact page. Go ahead; we won’t bite.
  • Subscribe To Our Mailing List by filling in this simple form. That way, we can stay in touch with you by sending an occassional update about what gets written here.

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We won’t SPAM you (seriously; it’s not our style and we’ll teach you why it shouldn’t be yours if you decide to take any of our free, or paid Influency learning courses).

  • Or You Can “Buy The Book” which isn’t a “book” at all, but a course that will teach you exactly how to gain Influency in your business, using the techniques we use for both ourselves and our clients.There are two options, by the way. You can literally get this in linear, read-it-at-your-leisure format, for one payment, one time, of $9.99 (US Dollars), or you can sign up for the ongoing version of Influency Learning, for, you guessed it, that same $9.99 per month.

The bottom line is that The Answer Guy will get you influential, teach you Infliuency for you to make happen on your own, or just serve as a fun read that we know will entertain and will even help you figure out some of this Influency* stuff all by yourself. And the path you take is completely up to you.

Influency Works

The Answer Guy Really delivered for us. Marketing, Design, Advice, Everything. The Answer Guy Has Real Business Answers -J.S., Philadelphia PA

Ready, But Have Questions?

For detailed advice on the best way to make Influency happen for your business, you can contact us, and we’ll walk you through your choices. We’re friendly, and it’s free.

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