Media Engagement

On the Internet, where no-one can hear you scream, Media Engagement is everything.

Wait. Let’s be more emphatic about that:

Media Engagement is Everything.

This isn’t news, of course. Internet marketing success is all about your media and how people engage with it. Call it content marketing or anything else, but today you need to know what academics have always known; you publish, or you perish.

would you rather listen?

Neil Patel, a guy who knows a bit about getting—and keeping—people’s’ attention, recently published a piece on the art of doubling media engagement that focuses on media formatting, and it’s a great read. Neil doesn’t follow all of his own advice, by the way, but when he makes the case for completely ditching your sidebar (for example) he’s raising a great point. With attention spans down to just four seconds, are the ads you run worth the risk of them working well enough to generate a few cents in revenue if the price is loss of your hard-fought-for visitors’ attention?

There’s no single answer to that question, of course; get good enough at placing the right ads on your site and generate enough traffic to it and your revenue from them won’t be just “a few cents”. But it’s a valid point; this piece is a few hundred words long, and if we lose you before our current average engagement time of two minutes and eleven seconds because the content in our sidebar distracted you away from the media engagement we’re looking for, there’s a problem, isn’t there?

Don’t worry, by the way; our metrics work out—and we’re happy to make yours work better, too.

So read Neil Patel’s piece on growing media engagement. See what’s he’s said here, or at our sister site The WordPress Helpers.

And keep working on your media engagement, because today more than ever media really is the only message that matters.

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