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The Business Change That Is Social Media

Imagine you’re in business, and you want to keep in touch with all your clients, friends, contractors, and everyone else you’ve ever touched. What do you do, write a newsletter? Do you mail that? Does anyone read it?

Today, of course, it’s likely that you don’t mail your newsletter, or even most of your promotional pieces. You send them out by e-mail (using permission-based standards, of course!). Or maybe you realize that even that’s become inefficient and ineffective, because most of your recipients never open those e-mails. Check out the article “FREE IS BAD” here. I wasn’t kidding when I wrote this!

Enter Social Networking. There’s never been a bigger business change, and I’ve never seen a better starter example of why you must begin thinking about these methods than this one.

Sometimes called “Social Networking”, Social Media has gotten a tremendous amount of attention at sites like Twitter and Facebook. And much of that attention—and rightly so—has been bad. But take the idea of Social Media / Social Networking in the right direction and you see something else: not only is “everyone doing it”, but it’s become the most effective way of keeping in touch with people. And keeping them interested in what you’re doing.

Get it? Want to? If you have any questions, just reach out; we’re here to help.


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