Why is Nicholas Kristof so smart?

Because he says what he means. I admire this.

In today’s New York Times, Mr. K cuts to the core of the problem in U.S. health insurance; the people who are in charge of the changes don’t understand the problem. Please click that link and read what Kristof has to say. Track back through here, too, while you’re at it.

Most business change works this way. Nothing happens until the people in charge actually feel the issue for themselves, and then (and only then), they take action.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could see things coming and adapt at least a little bit ahead of time, instead of always being reactive to pain?

Google’s trying to do the right thing. Yesterday the three big shots there came out and said that the perks their employees receive are . . . just that, perks. Not part of the status quo and sacrosanct; perks. Extras. Things that are great but are subject to change. And yes, it’s a few billionaires in charge of change that impacts others far more than themselves. But the U.S. Congress? On Health Insurance? No change. Business as usual.

If Google can do it, so can Congress.

And so can you.

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