This post owes its existence entirely to Nicholas Kristof and Michael Moore.

You probably know Mr. Moore’s work. The guy has been churning out one left-wing documentary after another for about twenty years now, and when Sicko came out a couple of years back it managed to get enough attention to finally catapult Moore into the mainstream.

Kristoff, on the other hand, is not someone with whom very many people are that familiar. A columnist for the New York Times, he spends a lot of time in the third world trying to do good. Yes, he too is pretty far left. Sorry about putting you in that box, Nick.

This week, Kristof wrote about Wendell Potter, a guy who you’ve probably never heard of. Mr. Potter spent a similar amount of time serving as a health insurance executive trying to deprive premium payers of their benefits as Moore has spent making noise about people like him. And he’s switched sides.

This is not a small shift.

While Mr. Potter’s new position may never translate into the kind of change that President Obama is trying to make happen in health care, it does show one thing: You can change the way you do things.

Open your mind. Change is all around us, and it’s driving the way your business and your life will look next year.

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