Oddly, the answer might be “yes”.

A few days ago, teen queen Miley Cyrus enacted one of the worst business changes ever when she quit using Twitter. I don’t follow her, and don’t really care. But I commented then that it was incredibly short-sited, and now that Jimmy Fallon has done what might be the funniest parody of her parody — and the parody that is Ms. Cyrus’ life, It’s time to take a look:

And then ask yourself. When is business change a good idea, and when is it awful?

While there’s no “answer” to that question (and while dear sweet Miley gets a pass for bad judgement based on her age), you need to be ready to make decisions based on changing issues. For someone with two million loyal followers on Twitter to stop using it is throwing away millions of dollars. For me to stop tweeting to my not-quite-a-thousand followers is another story.

Be ready for business change. CREATE that change when the situation calls for it. And know when you need to protect the status quo.

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