REALLY, Google?

Just when you were starting to look like you were more powerful than most governments, are you asking the United States to slap China Around for you in your dispute over business practices? Now THERE’S a business change.

While Google hasn’t truly become more powerful than most governments, and while they’re as entitled to assistance as anyone else who asks for it, I’m flabbergasted that they think the United States is going to step into the problem they’ve run up against in China.

And all the deflection they wish to offer about how China is creating a hostile business environment not just for Google but for other American companies changes nothing: China has policies. Google doesn’t like them. End of story.

Do governments put pressure on other governments to change things? Yes, all the time. Is the business community at large an important enough entity on whose behalf to try and create business change? You bet. Would not just American but all other businesses in capitalistic economies benefit from China dropping their protectionist position and censorship policies? Of course.

But to hear Google, who lately have become more and more intractable in their positions and difficult to deal with themselves come crying for help just makes me . . .  cringe.

Had to say it. Could have been worse; I’ve got opinions on Republican Senators that I’m keeping to myself today.

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