Wondering what ever happened to the Android 2.1 upgrade for Droid that Verizon promised on January 6 when Google’s Nexus One was released? Remember when they said they’d start rolling it out on March 18, only to change their minds at the last minute?

It’s Here. I’ve installed it. It’s very fast in places that Android 2.01 on the Droid was slow. And maybe, just maybe, it’s broken again.

Actually, I’ve seen only one report of Android 2.1 for Droid being broken, and it might well be an April Fools joke.  I pay attention mostly because that report suggests that Wi-Fi is the problem. Again. But I’ll say that Android 2.1 is running on my Droid, my Wi-Fi works a little better than it did before, and lots of people seem to be installing Android 2.1 on their Droids with no issues.

If there’s a problem with this latest release of the Google SmartPhone operating system do we blame Google, Verizon, or Motorola? Probably a little bit of all three.

Carry on . . .

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