Clients (and others) ask me all the time: how do I find something new to write about five times each week? My answer is simple: I’m passionate about what I write about, and the people who come here like it, get value from it, and call The Computer Answer Guy, or Answer Guy Central, or PC-VIP when they need our help.

I write this, then, because there are reasons for me to do so. So why are you using Twitter, Facebook, or any of the many other social networking tools that have taken hold of us, our businesses, and our lives?

The answer, of course, is that you must; as business evolves and business change keeps happening all around us it’s becoming more clear every day that failing to engage means you’ll become disengaged. But you still need to have a message.

I recently came across this post from David Risley. David is a young Australian fellow running a successful Internet business selling nothing more than words of wisdom on how to run a successful Internet business . . . which makes him by most measurements not all that fascinating. But in that post David presents a very simple, easily followed road map for answering the question “why am I doing social networking?”.

Remember, I had to look a client in the eye recently when he asked me, after much thought and research, if the world has too many blogs. Similarly there are some very real questions to deal with when you think about whether it’s simply too late to start blogging. And hey, it’s even been suggested that Facebook and Twitter themselves are doomed.

But at the end of it all, social networking, whether by blog, Facebook, Twitter, or some other tool, and Search Engine Optimization are now critical to your business’ future.

The questions aren’t really about if, but about how and what. And you need to answer them. We’ll help, if you think you need that. But get started, and keep going.

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