Recently a client for whom Virtual VIP does marketing consulting asked me: Are There Too Many Blogs? My answer to him was a quick and decisive who knows?

In trying to answer his question, I started by saying that there are way too many for most of them to be terribly meaningful. But that’s a non-answer, right? Thousands of people consistently read these pearls of wisdom, but it’s a far cry from the number who hung on my every word back in the day, when The Computer Answer Guy was an internationally broadcast radio and internet program, and when I did television for CBS News.

So to answer the client’s question, I altered it to this:  “Are There Too Many Businesses?”

Sounds silly? My point was that the landscape is crowded, and the best way to stand out is to MAKE yourself stand out. And that’s what blogs are for.

If you think thousands of people are likely to care about your words of brilliance, well, it’s likely that you’re deluding yourself. On the other hand, blogging isn’t really about that any more; if you don’t establish a meaningful beachhead you will consign yourself to being UNmeaningful. Blogging is the best way to do that, assuming you do it correctly.

At this point the question becomes more real: is dumping your thoughts onto a web page good enough to get you noticed? And the answer is probably not. Blogging and SEO go hand in hand; you need to tell the world your story, show what you’re good at, and . . . make sure people find you. SEO, an acronym that gets thrown about so much I actually heard it at a Bat Mitzvah this weekend, is about yet another obtuse idea: that of long-tail marketing.

Oy Vey, as my people say. Sometimes, business change is about seeing change, even when it looks like the same old thing. Contact The Answer Guy if you want to hear more . . .

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