Articles like this one are published thousands of times each day, millions of people read them, and they’re . . . wrong. And now you know why you need to hire The Answer Guy to help guide your business change.

The author of that article has the right credentials. If you read it you’ll see that he’s clearly a very smart guy, too. And if you’re interested in a scientific explanation of how the brightness settings on SmartPhones could have been designed better, well, the research presented there might be a great place to start your research.

But the conclusion is wrong. Not “gee, I disagree” wrong. JUST . . . PLAIN . . . WRONG.

The article’s title is Why iPhone 4 and Android Brightness Controls Are Effectively Useless. Had the words “Essentially Useless” been replaced by words like “Badly Designed” the article would have made its point. But the business environment we operate in has become about getting people’s attention at all costs, so Gizmodo, one of the most popular blogs in the world, achieved its goal; lots of people found and read the article. Including me.

But finding that the author absolutely failed to make the point that the title had promised, I felt compelled to comment:

  • Much as I appreciate the thorough explanation and backing research, you missed the point that matters:
  • When it’s dark, my Android isn’t as bright as when it’s light. I see it change at screen-on.
  • I thus can read the thing in daylight, can use it in the dark w/o feeling assaulted, and save battery life.
  • Oh, scientists. When will you learn that smart isn’t the same as correct?

See? Brightness Control isn’t useless. It’s useful. REALLY useful.

Just a moment before I read that piece I was commenting to a friend how the most-read-on-its-date-of-publication article I’ve written here became popular because it had the word SEX it in. It doesn’t surprise me. And I’m old enough that while it disappoints me I don’t lose a lot of time worrying about it.

But I do spend my time dealing with it. For You.

Whether you need full-blown Virtual C.O.O. Services, or something less comprehensive, we’re here for you. In particular, if you’re operating a small technology-focused business, Answer Guy and Virtual VIP can make your business run better. We cut through all the garbage and make sure you’re doing the things that make your business change work. Simple as that.

If you’re regularly finding yourself in the kind of traps that the article I pointed out wants you in, you need to Contact The Answer Guy Right Now.

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