The biggest business change of all is when you take on a partner. And hard as that is when the partner brings skills to the table, it can be even harder when they bring money.

Want some?

Jason Calacanis has some for you. Or less specifically, some angel investor or venture capital is ready to pony up the bucks to be in business with you.

I point this out for a couple of reasons.

First and foremost, I want to give Jason his props. Calacanis’ manifesto on venture capital and angel investing and the current state of affairs in those businesses is a great read, pure and simple. Even if you aren’t looking to take on investment partners, Jason Calacanis has put together an almost-unbelievably great explanation of a fascinating subject. Read it.

Second, Jason’s made a point that really speaks to the very idea of business change: more “traditional” investments like the stock market have become so unpredictable and yielded such poor returns for so long that investing money by taking a flier on a new company almost seems safer.

A smart dude, this Jason Calacanis.

I wrote about Jason once before. Last April, Calacanis did something decidedly un-smart when he unleashed a rant against a former employee who had decided to move on. It was a bad decision on Jason’s part, not to mention egotistical, not worthy of a man with such clearly high intelligence, and just generally an ugly display of arrogance. And Jason’s recently started some more ugly public stuff as he’s begun a lawsuit against former partner Michael Arrington (click to read about some of Arrington’s greatest hits).

Jason, I apologize. I’ll say it again: you are one smart guy. Hell, I’ll take your money and be your partner.

Business Change takes many forms, hits all types, and knows no bounds when it comes to how much money you have. Sometimes, business just changes. Thank you for a great read, Jason Calacanis.

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