When a business change that helps you is started by someone that has no direct interest in your well being, it’s a surprise. When that money-grubbing, heartless medical doctor to whom you entrust your health and even your life is that business change agent . . . oh, wait . . .

Most of us make far less money than our physicians, and in a world where the practicalities of our doctors’ businesses include needing to see more patients than they really have time for just to make ends meet it can feel as though those doctors just don’t care about us.

This isn’t always the case, of course, and one doctor has done something about it. And you can benefit from this medical business change even if he isn’t your doctor. Doctor Doug Lefton of Fairlawn Ohio has helped create a way for people who need lab tests to get them done way less expensively than by submitting them though standard medical laboratories.

I could stop here, hold Doctor Lefton up as one of those good guys who does amazing things straight from the heart, call it a real business change (it is!), and move on. But I’d like to say more.

One of the things we do at Answer Guy Central is Medical Practice Management. I point this out both because . . . well, because . . . and also as a reference to the reality that doctors need to enact business change, both for their patients’ benefit and their own.

I wrote about the business change mistakes doctors and other medical practitioners make managing their practices once before, and actually praised the practice of doctors refusing to take medical insurance. But that business change was purely about making more money. Dr. Doug Lefton has created a business change that helps his patients and is either neutral to him (he makes nether more nor less money) or a win, but not financially.

Dr. Lefton’s patients are simply healthier. And so they come to him for annual physicals, stay alive longer, recommend other patients . . . hey . . . Doctor Lefton can make more money from this business change!

NOW I’ll stop. But first I’ll ask you: what business change can you bring about that increases your business, helps your clients, and costs you nothing? Contact the Answer Guy if you want help finding that business change.

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