I Don’t Care What You Think.

Give those words a moment to roll around in your head. Decide what they mean. To you.

Now say them again. I Don’t Care What You Think.

Do you care what other people think? Should you?

A couple of weeks ago, for my birthday, I gave myself the gift of just not giving a *%!!@*. But like most people I’m a creature of habit, and I’ve already taken that gift back. This morning, I find myself in a war of wills with a couple of people I’m very close to and my rationale for my position is that I’m trying to take care of their needs and do “the right thing”.

To their credit, they think the right thing is for me not to care about their needs. Or more specifically, not to take them seriously all the time.

It’s a fair criticism; the idea of “I Don’t Care What You Think” is completely foreign to me. I care too much.

That’s a bad idea.

I’m sure not advocating for Texting During Sex. But hey; if the idea is that nobody is the arbiter of anyone else’s behavior, maybe I should back off and acknowledge that the real story is that it isn’t OK to text while you’re having sex … with me.

Of course, when you think or “care” too much, even that position is a chance to walk down a path to paralysis. Unless it isn’t. Unless it is. Unless it isn’t. Do you think it is?  😉

I Don’t Care What You Think.

About six months ago, I picked on Seth Godin for advocating “unreasonable” in a way that sounded too strong. Today, I’m reconsidering my objection. I’m thinking that this kind of micromanagement of things that you’re allowed to just have a position on is what leads to “I Just Want Out“.

I’m thinking that “I Don’t Care What You Think” is actually a pretty good way to avoid “I Just Want Out”.

So you know what? I still think texting needs to be reigned in. The phrase I Hate Texting still applies. For me. But my business change for today is to care a little bit less about what other people think. And just … react.

What’s your business change for today, right now, May 12, 2011 ?

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