Scott Adams' Dilbert and the Pointy-Haired Boss on SEO

When Dilbert starts talking Black-Hat SEO, you know something real is happening.

This is today’s Dilbert. And while Dilbert’s pointy-haired boss probably doesn’t get it, you can bet that Dilbert and his creator Scott Adams sure do. Search Engine Optimization works. But while even so egregious a black-hat campaign as the JC Penney debacle can be recovered fromBlack-Hat SEO will get you dropped right to the bottom of the search heap.

But SEO Works, and it’s your best chance at successful internet marketing.

What To Do?

Start with a bit of research on Search Engine Optimization. Ask yourself a question or three about how people find you on the Internet and what makes that happen. And then, Contact The Answer Guy About Search Engine Optimization.

And when we speak: ask me why this article is so darned short, and what that has to to with Barbara Yablon Maida. You’ll learn something about Search Engine Optimization that almost nobody knows. And I’ll tell you, free.

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