If there was ever a doubt in your mind about how important SEO Consulting and Search Engine Optimization are, you may now thank the good folks at Yahoo! for defining the issue clearly. SEO matters, and Yahoo! is handing out bribes.

Never mind the irony of poor grammar in that missive (We think you’re writing … is great?  Really?), just think about what it all means. Yahoo, a content farm if ever there was one, is trying to become a bigger content farm, rumored to be trying to merge with another huge content farm (AOL), and simultaneously offering smaller content farms the SEO juice that all content farms crave.

Understand why you need Search Engine Optimization?

Amongst those of us who do SEO, it’s well know that two of the most important measures of Search Engine Optimization success are the number and quality of the links you have pointed at you. So it’s funny that Yahoo! is offering links when what they actually need is to receive them—and funnier still that Mike Arrington, the deposed founder of AOL-owned TechCrunch, is commenting on the post at and by TechCrunch and intentionally misleading anyone who reads his words and accepts them as gospel.

SEO, it seems, is not for the faint of heart.

Believe what you want about Search Engine Optimization, but SEO jobs are now “real” enough that headhunters are being tasked with finding good people. Yahoo! needs SEO and sells it no, I’ll say it again; Yahoo! is handing out bribes. And every day you wait to implement your company’s SEO program is a day you get closer to invisibility.

You’re thinking you want to speak withThe Answer Guy about SEO right about now, aren’t you?

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