The Wrong Way To Do SEO (A Very Blue Channel)

Last week, a friend and client asked me to comment on the Search Engine Optimization Services being provided by a company that was pitching their wares to her company. The chart you see is that SEO company’s offering. I told her that this company was trying to rip her off.

Not a surprise, of course; SEO and Marketing Services are what we do at Answer Guy Central, and I’d rather you, my friend, and everyone else hire us than another SEO company. But take a look at that chart and I’ll bet you’ll see a few problems with the way this company was proposing to do my friend’s Search Engine Optimization work.

I’ll lay it out for you: the setup cost being charged by this other SEO company is the same regardless of which of their three tiered SEO plans you select. That’s fine; in fact, we charge the same set-up fee at all plan levels, too. Of course, our up-front fee for getting your SEO rolling is generally zero.

But that’s not what’s wrong with the other SEO company. There’s a lot of work involved in getting an SEO campaign off the ground so if they wish to be paid and you wish to pay it, I have no problem with the idea.

I also have no problem with the monthly fees that this other Search Engine Optimization firm is charging. As anyone who’s ever had the pleasure of hearing me pitch SEO Consulting and Search Engine Marketing can tell you, our pricing is pretty close to what you see in this chart (we actually start a little higher and end in about the same place most of the time).

But now, take a close look a the SEO service chart. And then ask yourself, “Is The Company That Sells These Search Engine Optimization Services Giving Me ANYTHING After The First Month, Other Than An Invoice?

I’m going to stop there, and let you think a few things over:

  • Do You Understand Internet Marketing, What It Is, And Where The Payback Happens?
  • Can You Figure Out How Much Marketing Your Business Should Cost?
  • Do You Know The Difference Between Hard Marketing Costs and Soft Marketing Costs?

SEO is often done the wrong way. and that statement is about both the mechanics and the cost/reward relationship. I could go on for days about why the chart I’ve reproduced above shows the work of a Search Engine Optimization Consultancy that doesn’t really “get” SEO, or is one that understands SEO and SEM perfectly but has decided to practice Search Engine Optimization through the installation of Fear, Misunderstanding, and Doubt. Either way, though, the issue is you understanding what’s at stake, and being able to align Perception and Reality.

  1. Reality: You Need To Do SEO
  2. Reality: You Need to Understand What You Get For Your SEO Dollars and pay the correct amount
  3. Reality: The right amount to pay for SEO is somewhere between $100 per month and many thousands
  4. Reality: As with most things, you can cut out the top and bottom ends of the SEO price spectrum
  5. Reality: Price isn’t the end of the Search Engine Optimization conversation

Reality: I’ll talk to you about SEO, SEM, and other takes on Internet Marketing, For Free.

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