Seth Godin, Henry Blodget Copy Jeff Yablon

This might come off as self-congratulatory. Or it might sound like I’m surprised.

Both are correct.

This morning, I came across this piece at Henry Blodget’s Business Insider. In it, Henry praises Marketing Guru Seth Godin for this short post.

I’ve mentioned Henry Blodget here a couple of times, Seth Godin repeatedly. If you read what I think about Blodget and what I have to say about Godin you’ll see that I have widely different opinions of these two very successful men. But today I praise Henry Blodget for pointing out something I’ve been saying for quite a while: attention spans have shrunken to very nearly zero.

Ironically, he took too long saying it. I tried to run Blodget’s piece through TLDR.IT (Too Long Didn’t Read It . . . get it?), and the service choked on Henry’s words. But if you check out the comments on the Business Insider article you’ll see that about half of the comments made the point, sarcastically or otherwise. In my comment on Mr. Blodget’s words, I went a bit further:

We aren’t only talking for too long, often, we’re talking in the wrong way.

Oddly, that point is being addressed in a way that you might think makes sense—but it’s backfiring. People are turning to video to get their ideas “out there”, but for most, it’s a mistake.

I don’t want to go on too long today; based on my subject that would be hypocritical. But if you’re even considering doing video on-line please take a look at what you find behind that last link. This isn’t about protecting copyrights, and it isn’t about attribution; it’s about understanding what the ramifications of your business change choices are before you make them.

And if you want help, reach out, anytime.

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