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Sex.Com: Just Like Pinterest, But Naked

If you’re bored with me talking about Facebook doing social networking the wrong way, get ready: this won’t be boring at all.

But it also isn’t a safe topic for work, and maybe not even in your home, depending on your circumstances. Please do NOT click this link to if you’re in a place where naked women are a problem. The world’s most expensive domain is now a social network. And I don’t want to belong, but if you’re interested in showing off your taste in naked and near-naked women, is the social network for you.

sex, porn, pinterest, and social networking

For the record, I didn’t find on my own; we have this story at TechCrunch to thank for today’s topic. And holy cow, is the connection apt; is now exactly the same thing as Pinterest, but . . . naked.

I’d be dumbfounded, but the truth is, a social network for people who like naked pictures makes sense;¬†certainly¬†it makes more sense than the vast wasteland of aimless meandering that is Facebook. Looking for your peeps? If you’re into naked women and don’t mind feel like admitting it look no farther!

Chatroulette, this is not; when you stumble upon naked people there, you may not have intended to do so. It’s not the silliness of YouNow.Com, either, and isn’t illegal felonious activity, at least not here in the USA, so long as you don’t visit your new favorite social network at inappropriate times.

By turning into a place where you can share your . . . umm . . . interests, is practicing smart business change. Now, please get back to The New York Times. Or better yet, contact me to talk about business change, personally. And you needn’t worry; I have all my clothes on.


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