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Influency: The Daily Video

Welcome to TAG, The Answer Guy’s Influency Daily Video!
This is where you can find our latest tip on Influency and Integrated Marketing.

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TAG Influency Videos are also available in collections, grouped by topic, date, and business focus. Just follow the links . . .

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  1. Influency and Back-Up Plans: When 'Everything' Isn't Enough - [...] when we uploaded The Daily Influency Video, we were greeted by a couple of problems. First, yesterday’s video isn’t …
  2. Optimization, Influency, and Comments - [...] been out of town, and so while Bob has been working, and our long-tail marketing efforts have continued doing …
  3. WordPress Runs Headway! Headway Runs WordPress! (Uh-oh) - [...] ever seen. 3/10/2013: And WHOOPS! She’s made it a pay-only piece; never mind the link. Don’t worry; we have your …
  4. Hot Coffee and The Simplicity of The Agony of The Influency. - [...] The Answer Guy’s Daily Influency Videos now rolling out, I find myself being asked a new kind of question …
  5. Guess What NBC Lost? Live from Yahoo! It's Saturday Night! - [...] I know that my fantasies about the Influency Daily Video series having one gazillionth the value of the SNL …

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