Social Media Marketing Influency Building Blocks

See these fun building blocks? You recognize the logos, and you know you can’t make marketing Influency without social media, but are you putting your marketing influency blocks in order?

would you rather listen?

For that matter, do you even know which influency building blocks matter to you and your business?

This piece, in the grand old tradition of media designed to get you to consume more media (and we’re all media producers!), is what’s called a tease. You’ve seen teases three or four minutes into television programs telling you to stay tuned for something that doesn’t come until the fifty-third minute, and today, I’m teasing you with “come back for our next piece”.

Why? because in the next post here at Answer Guy Central:

We’ll Show You Where Old Media, New Media, a Transplanted Russian YouTube Star, Bruno Mars, one of My Kids, and Jason Calacanis Intersect

And by the way: Bruno Mars is the only one who ‘gets it’.

Should you be most interested in the number of seemingly unrelated things we’ll be putting into our next post, or the one that catches your eye, or the construction and meaning of the tease itself?

As long as the tease gets you back here, then from our side of things, the answer doesn’t matter. But even Microsoft, having signaled a clear change in direction designed to correct the errors they’ve made in online long tail marketing with today’s appointment of a new CEO, is starting to understand the Influency Building Blocks equation, and the need to keep you … keep you … keep you … engaged.

Come on back; we’ll show you how business change and misunderstanding Influency can trip up experienced media people, successful Internet impresarios, young media producers, and up-and-coming media stars. Next time, here at Answer Guy Central.

And you thought “What Time is the Super Bowl?” was an involved idea.

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