We don’t talk very much about our clients. That might seem counter-intuitive, because our work speaks volumes, and we’d like to be able to talk about it out loud, standing on rooftops both literal and figurative.

But we don’t, and here’s why: some of the things we do are best left in the dark. Some of our clients are a little skittish about having their laundry aired publicly. And we decided years ago that we’d keep that trust where it belongs by keeping it quiet across the board. No, we aren’t doing anything “wrong”, like practicing black-hat SEO; we’re just … careful. Discretion is the name of the game when, when you Hire The Answer Guy.

There’s no subterfuge in that. We’ll talk about our success beating much larger companies than ourselves into the ground on battlefields that we shouldn’t be able to compete on … and yet we do. For example, if you search Google for the phrase “Hubspot Hosting“, you’ll find us right at or near the top of the results Google returns. This despite Hubspot being partly owned by Google!

A few of our clients became clients when they noticed that, by the way.

We’ll talk about our amazing Search Engine Optimization, the results we get, and our optimization philosophy and policies. We’ll show you video we’ve produced. We’ll talk cash flow management, people strategy and the absolute necessity for a serious, focused customer service business process.  We’ll tell you that our clients run the gamut from small technology consultancies to mid-sized doctor and lawyer practices, to non-profits, large e-commerce shops and huge aerospace and governmental contractors. But we won’t say who they are, because they like it that way.

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