Google Defines Optimization Google’s definition of optimization is the least satisfying of our search overlord’s musings on the tenets of Influency. Have no fear; we’ll explain optimization, right here, right now.

In marketing, Optimization is being there when people come looking for you—or what you do. This starts by “being ready”, of course, but we’re all ready. We all have people in place, we’re good at what we do, and when the phone rings or we receive emails or form submissions, we get going.

But so what? Optimization is making sure people find you. You optimize your presence. You spend money on advertising, which today, for most great businesses, means pay-per-click Search Engine Marketing. And you probably spend most if not all of your advertising budget for SEM with Google. And we’ll handle the SEM part of your optimization formula. But you also need to do Search Engine Optimization, because if your web site isn’t optimized so people find you when they ask Google a question, you’re dead.

And as odd as this sounds, if you don’t do Search Engine Optimization well enough, no matter how much money you try to spend on SEM, Google won’t send you paid clicks.

At Answer Guy Central, We speak SEO. We practically invented it. We’ve pretty much cracked Google’s SEO code, actually!

And as part of our clients‘ Integrated Long Tail Marketing and Influency campaign we get you …well, everything. We’ll get you found. We’ll get you traffic. And as a result, you’ll get more business. You know; unless you don’t want any more business 😉

And if you’d rather do it yourself, we’ll teach you everything you need to know about Search Engine Optimization, so your Integrated Marketing efforts can actually work.We’ll show you why SEO is real, and real important.

We’ll teach you what you need to know when the snake oil salesmen start calling. We’ll show you why you must be on the side of people who believe in Optimization. And then, you can really dance.

Want to see how well Answer Guy Central SEO works? Contact us here.

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