Most business people work 24/7. Successful ones learn to shorten their hours to . . . maybe sixty per week, but business is never far away; my Droid alerts me to things I’ve told it are important every thirty minutes or so.

I don’t bring it into the bedroom, or to meals, by the way.

So here I sit, early on a Sunday morning, checking what’s happened in the word while I was asleep. A story in the New York Times about colleges catches my eye, and I think, pass that along.

The good news is that on a weekend morning I was thinking about the world in general and my kids in particular. And from where I sit it’s good news that I relate the world at large to my work, as I know you do.

The story and my experience this morning line up.

If, as the article implies a decade of Harry Potter has made the Wizard of Hogwarts so much a part of the psyche of potential college freshmen, then when you sell to them you’ll do well to dredge that image up in your sales pitch.

Find what makes your sales target, and either become it, or convince them you have.

Now, back to my life . . .

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