Think you can do your own Search Engine Optimization? Think again. Even Google can’t figure out SEO.

That’s right, the people who we all look to for SEO approval in practically the way a child tries to please daddy doesn’t do a very good job of optimizing its pages so it can . . . umm . . . find itself.

Google has released a report detailing their own SEO failings. You can download it here, or read what Google thinks about themselves here. Or . . . just read on:

First, let’s be frank; Google’s SEO doesn’t have to be very good; they’re Google. That said, though, the roadmap they provide to what makes good SEO is one that anyone looking to do their own Search Engine Optimization can learn from.

The question is whether you want to do your own SEO, or hand it over to someone like us. Either answer is fine; SEO, like most (not all, but most) of the services we provide at Answer Guy Central’s Virtual VIP isn’t rocket science. But it takes time. LOTS of time. And a devotion that not very many people trying to grow a business can afford.

Oh: and if want people to find you, you have to do it, period.

Read what Google has to say about Google. And then ask yourself if you can afford not to enact good SEO as your very next business change.

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