As an Android user, one of the things that I’ve yet to figure out is why there are no Apps to capture what’s on my screen. They just don’t exist.

OK, so that’s not completely true. If I “root” my Droid SmartPhone, meaning tweak it to bypass the regular Android operating system and make it do stuff that Verizon, Motorola, and Google didn’t intend, screen grabs become a possibility. I give up my warranty and any hope for technical support if I even need it, but I gain some control and a feature I often wish I had.

Surprise! If you use a Droid Incredible, or other Sense UI – based SmartPhones from HTC, the screen grab feature is built right in. But it isn’t under your control. In fact, it’s just the opposite; it looks like Sense UI does periodic screen grabs in the background and hides the results from you.

Annoying enough that screen grabs are apparently way more easy to implement than Google’s led us all to believe. But way worse is this: there’s stuff on your phone that you don’t know about, and let’s face it; your security is compromised when there are captures of your screen being stored.

No further commentary needed, eh? If you use an HTC SmartPhone with the Sense UI, please follow the instructions you’ll find in the article linked above and clean out that stuff every now then.

Happy Friday, Friends.

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