Android Screen Capture and Android Screen Grab

I’m throwing down the gauntlet: if you’re an Android Developer, I challenge you to build a screen-capture App that will work on Android SmartPhones that aren’t rooted. Build it, and I’ll buy it from you.

Or better yet, build it and let’s make a fortune together.

One of the most-commented posts here at Answer Guy Central is one I wrote over a year ago about Android Screen Capture (and the HTC Sense Interface). As with many of the things I write here that post was designed to get you thinking about business change and business process.

As the graphic at the top of this piece shows, that article ranks at approximately #30 on Google for many permutations of Android Screen Capture/Android Screen Grab. Considering how often the subject is discussed on the Internet and that it’s the only time we’ve talked about it I’m pleased with both how well this proves my often-repeated point about long-tail marketing and what it says about the success of our SEO Philosophy.

And if you write that Non-Rooted Android Screen-Grab App, I’ll make sure we sell a gazillion copies together. I’ve already started boosting our prominence for those Android Screen Capture phrases, and I promise you we’ll be right at the top by the time you get that app built.

Why do you suppose a non-rooted Android Screen Grab / Screen Capture App hasn’t been done yet?

Because I’ve decided that you and I are going to rule this market I don’t want to get into the details of that out here in public, but I’ve figured it out, and it just isn’t that hard to get around. You won’t even need to be the best Android developer in the world to pull this off. No, you can’t write garbage like The Official Starbucks Android App, but this one isn’t rocket science.

I have some experience with writing utility software that the market is screaming for; I wrote Uninstall for Windows almost twenty years ago, before most people realized they needed such a thing. Made a nice chunk of change, too. And an Android Screen Capture App would be bigger. Much, much bigger. I’d write it myself, but I’m no longer that kind of geek; I do the intersection between geek and the real world now, so I’m looking for a nuts-and-bolts geek partner.

If you’re feeling up to the challenge of creating an Android Screen Capture App and making a lot of money, just fill out this form and tell me a bit about yourself and your Android development background. In the “How Can The Answer Guy Help You?” field, tell me whatever you like that you believe sums up how you “get it”.

If you aren’t the right person but you know an Android Developer who you believe is the right person to make an Android Screen Capture App and market it under The Answer Guy banner, please pass this along.

And please … do it soon … or even better, NOW. Because if I’ve figured out how to make an Android Screen Capture App, you can bet that someone else will, soon. And first-to-market matters.

UPDATE 10/22/11:

With Google’s announcement of Android 4 (Ice Cream Sandwich) and its specifications earlier this week, a screen capture app has become a non-issue; Android 4 will include native screen capture abilities.

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