Today I had the pleasure of speaking on Search Engine Optimization at a business show in New York City. SEO is one of the things we’re pretty darned good at here at Answer Guy Central, and while I was waiting to go on I wandered into a session being conducted by Gary Vaynerchuk and Robert Scoble.

Robert is one of those guys who has amassed a huge following on Twitter, mostly by making people angry and talking way too much. Gary, on the other hand, has built a very successful business, written a New York Times Bestseller, and while his act is getting old is clearly bright. Very bright.

And passionate. So while I wasn’t keen on how much and how often Gary used four-letter words in his presentation to hundreds of people who may not have known what they’d stumbled into I can’t argue with Gary Vaynerchuk’s enthusiasm or willingness to speak honestly.

And when the open-mic portion of the presentation rolled around and a woman in the audience went off on a rant about how she wasn’t showing herself very much on the Internet because she believed it would tip her hand for competitors, Gary told her she was a fool. In so many words.

And then he listened to the woman. And he retracted his words.

Gary Vaynerchuk is a huge proponent of business change. In fact, listen to Gary and you’ll get the feeling he’s almost about change for the sake of change. But he’s also smart enough to hear what’s happening around him. Gary’s exact words were “when you’re a bad-ass DJ you don’t tell people to stop making music“.

Are you a DJ or a musician (umm . . . a resource user or a resource creator)? And if you’re one do you see the other as a competitor, or as someone with whom you should be practicing coopetition?

Business Change is real. Business Change is good when you manage it well. Do You?

And if you’re Gary Vaynerchuk maybe it’s even OK to work blue.

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