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I don’t know for sure whether Manitoba’s is a Lesbian Bar*. In fact, I’m guessing it isn’t. But as this graphic shows, there sure are a hugely disproportionate number of women to men hanging out there:

WeePlaces Ratio Finder Lesbian Bar

Why does that matter? Because aside from the obvious (wow, what a great tool for picking up chicks [guys] WeePlaces Ratio Finder is!), it also shows why playing with Foursquare is a tricky game.

WeePlaces Ratio Finder looks at the data in FourSquare and shows a lot of interesting information. Very cool, but in case the privacy implications of FourSquare haven’t occurred to you, playing that game leaves a tremendous amount of information about you “out there”.

You’ve probably heard about people who check in on Foursquare, and because they have their home addresses listed come home to robbed houses. OK, so just don’t list your address . . . anywhere (ha!). But WeePlaces Ratio Finder is the kind of application that takes the dangers of FourSquare to new levels.

For example, here’s a map of everywhere in New York City that I checked in on FourSquare over the course of about a year:

WeePlaces Ratio Finder Jeff Yablon

See that little “9 views” note? It’s how many times my map was viewed in about five minutes after I generated it. The level of detail is amazing, isn’t it? Well how about displaying information like that in real time, showing my movements? Just watch this video from WeePlaces Ratio Finder for that:

Scared yet?

All of this information is just . . . out there. I’m not going to do a “the sky is falling” thing, but let’s be clear: every time you share information about yourself on the Internet you make your life a little bit more open. And while it can be fun, it deserves some thought. Some planning. And yes, that’s what we do here at Answer Guy Central, so feel free to contact us to work on your Search Engine Optimization / SEO Consulting Strategy.

In the meantime, play with WeePlaces Ratio Finder, and see what fun you can have.

*No Lesbian Bars were harmed during the construction of this post. And yes, that’s my tongue, firmly planted in my cheek.
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