I haven’t written anything about Search Engine Optimization in a whole week. No, I haven’t lost interest. No, I’m not ready to stop hitting you over the head with how important SEO  (or SEO Consulting if you don’t have the time to handle SEO yourself) is to your long-tail marketing plans.

Yesterday, I came across this piece. It’s simple. It describes some easily understood SEO ideas. And then it gets … even better.

"Principles of SEO" Post at Blog Traffic Exchange

I’ve included a snapshot of the page I’m talking about, because I’ve got something important to show you. It illustrates just how simple, and also how difficult, good Search Engine Optimization can be. I’m also showing you the comments that come underneath the post:

Comments on Principles of SEO Blog Traffic Exchange

Look at the first picture. See that date? The post was written on May 10, 2011. Now look at the comments. MY comment was written after the post, but all the others carry dates that actually precede the date the post was written. Since time travel has not yet been proven possible, I think we can assume that some SEO shenanigans are afoot here.

Here, by the way, is my full comment, since in light of the stuff you can see in the pictures we don’t know for sure that it will be staying on the post (it’s currently addressable directly at http://www.blogtrafficexchange.com/principles-of-good-seo-for-your-blog/comment-page-1/#comment-99335 ):

Analysis for your Search Engine Optimization edification; start  here:

  • First, the author of the post made a very important point about SEO: there’s no element of Search Engine Optimization that’s more important than the links that point to your work. Since you can’t make others write about you and point to you, you need to make those links happen.
  • Second, comments on your work add to your SEO Juice. Comments posted over a period of time are even better.
  • Third, if those comments include elements that include the words that matter to your post, once again, you’re doing well in your Search Engine Optimization efforts.
  • Finally: if you are going to post comments that point back to yourself (as I have), then you need to accept comments of the same sort that others post (hence my words about how I’m testing the author). I’ve written about this topic a few times before.

The tricky thing here, aside from the matter of whether you practice what you preach, is the whole “dates” issue. It’s not kosher to edit the dates on your posts, or the dates of the comments you receive, and the author of the post I’m showing you has clearly done one or the other.

What do I mean by passing judgment that way? Simple: sooner or later, Google will figure out that you’ve cheated. Black-Hat SEO is not OK.

See? Simple choice, wide-ranging ramifications. Search Engine Optimization is easy. Except that because it’s comprised of so many choices, SEO becomes hard. And we never even addressed coopetition!

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