Pot Luck Dinners and Lasek Eye Surgery

Here in The States, today is “Thanksgiving Eve”. It’s the day before a long holiday weekend. And many people are looking for a way to make that weekend just a little bit longer.

How about a Pot Luck Dinner at the office of a Lasek Eye Surgeon?

I received the above invitation by virtue of being on the mailing list of the Lasek Eye Surgeon Who Wants to Run a Non-Sexual Escort Service (you may remember that I turned down the opportunity to do this gentleman’s Search Engine Optimization earlier this year). And I gotta say: Bravo! This is the very definition of Long-Tail Marketing.

Sure, it makes me think of that painful scene from the old Woody Allen movie, Broadway Danny Rose, where a group of misfits with nothing in common but a mutual acquaintance with the title character get together for Thanksgiving. But Danny Rose understood long tail marketing back then, and this Eye Surgeon understands it today.

Long Tail Marketing is how we reach people in the Internet age. We take any opportunity to remind our business communities that we exist, and we pull them together whenever we can manage it. If you need help figuring out how to enact this business change, just contact me here.

And whether you’re a a pot luck dinner, with family, or elsewhere (or outside the States and just getting on with your regular life)… Happy Thanksgiving!

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